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       Registered Nurse

At Fadie's Enterprises, our patient needs are top priority.  Our nurses will provide care in coordination with a physician and other health care workers. When they visit a patient’s home, he/she assesses the patient's condition, takes vital signs, such as blood pressure and manages wound care, as needed. Our nurses often manage  prescription medicines when patients need it and also check bedridden patients for bed sores and muscle weakness, if applicable.  They will be responsible for writing and sending reports about each visit to the patient's physician. He/she identifies care issues and makes recommendations about changes to the patient's care plan. He/she talks to family caregivers who are present during their visits, listens to their concerns and updates them on the patient’s condition, if applicable.  At Fadie's Enterprises, we offer flexible hours along with a dedicated team whose goal is to meet the needs of our residents. 

     Caregiver Specialist

A Caregiver Specialist supports patients with difficulties completing basic tasks, like people with disabilities, the elderly or patients suffering from mental disorders, if applicable.  Their main duties include assisting clients with administering medications, helping patients complete personal care tasks like light bathing, light dressing, eating or grooming and light housekeeping.  Our Caregiver specialists will be following the patients’ personalized healthcare plan that was prescribed by Fadie's Registered Nurse and the residents Physician.



Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This Certified Nursing Assistant Program is approved by the Department of Health Services and meets the 75 hour requirement.   We have a variety of class types available based on preference, life style and learning style.  The program incorporates theory, lab, group activities, games and video learning experiences for the enrichment of the students.  The program also includes the required on-hands clinical experience with clients.   All materials are included upon registration.  Each class has built-in practice time for the state exam as well as extra practice available.  

Skills you will learn and apply:

All hygiene cares, transfer skills, positioning skills, nutrition skills, vital signs, emergency preparedness, pathophysiology, infection control, hospice care, resident rights, rehabilitation/restorative skills, medical/surgical skills and much more.

For Pricing, Questions and Availability please contact us at  262-293-6887


Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF)

Fadies provides all required cores of C.B.R.F. training.  The entire training requires one week. 

  • Fire Safety:  Learn about different codes and fire procedures.  Learn how to correctly use different extinguishers.

  • Medication Administration:  This class provides information about various meds, laws and procedures.  During this class you will actually practice a medication pass.

  • Standard Precautions:  You will learn and apply infection control techniques such as hand washing and gloving.  You will also learn about blood borne pathogens and other diseases.

  • First Aid Certification:  Learn about emergency care for choking, bleeding, diabetic emergencies, strokes, heart attacks, muscle and bone injuries and much more.

C.B.R.F. certification allows the candidate to be employed in a residential living facility (Group Home) or an Assisted Living Facility.  Many Nursing Homes require both the C.N.A. certification and C.B.R.F. certification to facilitate their growing community needs and floating staff requirements.

For Pricing, Questions and Availability please contact us at  262-293-6887

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