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Who We Are

Providing You High Quality Home Care Solutions

At Fadie's Enterprise, we provide a wide range of health care services to patients all throughout the Wisconsin area. Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best quality care possible, and are committed to providing you with all the resources you need in order to get back on your feet.


We are passionate about our professional and personalized care, and work hard to meet, and exceed, your expectations. Contact us if you have any questions or to set up a consultation. 

Our Mission

At Fadie’s Enterprise, our goal is to provide the most exceptional care for each individual.  Our dedicated professional and caring staff will provide independent care based on the unique needs of our residents.


To become one of the best well known, well rounded agencies in the Wisconsin area.

Core Values

Here are a few of our core values:


To be honest and accountable with yourself and residents.  At Fadie's, we maintain the  highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, value transparency and honesty, our communications, relationships, and actions.


To Cooperate and support one another and make every resident feel valued and cared for.


To be able to step up, lead by example, and do what's right.

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